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Operating at an institution, such as the University of Michigan, Paani recognizes the vast amount of resources available and was conceived with the ultimate mission of converting these resources into a tangible impact on the water crisis in Pakistan. In the year and half that Paani has been at work, many actionable steps have been undertaken in order fulfill its focus on impact in the water, sanitation, and health of Pakistan.

Perhaps one of the largest issues in Pakistan is the skewed distribution of access to water- in which the poor disproportionately have less access to clean water, leading to a stark difference in life expectancies between the rich and poor. Lack of access to clean water is concentrated within rural Pakistan in villages, such as Nooro Lothio which is hours away from the nearest city. Seeing this issue, Paani’s main project became creating water wells in rural Pakistan and within the first 6 months of operation, Paani’s first water well was constructed in Nooro Lothio. Since the construction of the first well, Paani is on track to construct another 30 water wells in interior Sindh Pakistan.

Another paramount contributor to the health disparity between the wealthy and poor is access to health care. In Pakistan, only 5-10% of the population is insured, making it especially challenging for citizens of lower socioeconomic status to receive the essential care they need. In response to this crisis, Paani has worked and organized medical supplies donations to institutions, such as Pakistan Kidney Liver Institute, in order to treat those most afflicted with adverse health outcomes from the water crisis.

Another big issue Paani has helped combat is Education. Basic sanitation and hygiene has increasingly become a big problem in Pakistan. To educate the kids and take action, Paani has incorporated a curriculum in one of the local schools in Sindh Pakistan. Spreading knowledge about hygiene will help control many of the dangerous diseases which are caused by poor sanitation and hygiene. Additionally Paani is working to develop our online blog/journal in which it keeps the Pakistani public up to date by publishing articles related to public health.

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