Project Description


The first step in working to solve a problem is acknowledging that there is a problem. One of the largest obstacles to the growing water crisis in Pakistan is the lack of awareness within Pakistani communities. If the people most affected are normalized to the lack of clean water within their neighborhoods, they are not incentivized to demand drinkable water.

Founded in the United States, Paani’s goal is to harness a growing energy demanding better living conditions in Pakistan by educating the population about the severity of the water crisis. Our method has been to work within the educational systems in Pakistan and deliver sanitation-based curriculum that works to equip the younger generation with the knowledge needed to advocate for increased access to clean water.

With the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor as the bedrock for this organization, our volunteers have directed collaborative efforts with organizations like UNICEF to implement community service projects for the greater Ann Arbor community. Collaborations with our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters further created a Cultural Night event to highlight the intersectionality of the water crisis. Subsequently, there was increased awareness that this is not a growing problem only in our of Pakistan but a growing problem across the nation.

Furthermore, successful culture and social night events have been conducted with support from organizations such as Bangladeshi, Lebanese, Iraqi, Egyptian, Pakistani, and Persian Student Associations. Our work has culminated into a capstone project that is dedicated toward securing financial capital to continue to build more wells. Since the summer of 2018, Paani has built nearly 20 wells and events like our capstone project, “Ripple Effect,” continue to expedite this process. Our capstone event had over 200 attendees with notable speakers like Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and Dr. Amjad Saqib. Paani prides itself in being an incubator for creative solutions and if there is any other methods that can help us in creating sustainable change in Pakistan, please do not hesitate to contact us!