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Donate Food In Pakistan – End TO MALNUTRITION, Zakat Opportunity
According to the UNICEF report, Pakistan is at emergency levels of malnutrition and is prone to disasters like earthquakes and floods. Among the population suffering from malnutrition, 10 million are children who have after-effects like stunted growth or underdevelopment issues. It is high time to donate food in Pakistan. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, many people have lost their job. Their discontinued earning process has led to problems of food scarcity and unavailability among the families depending on these persons. Paani is a non-profit organization now aiming to ensure the availability of food to the isolated and most vulnerable communities of the population. We are committed to helping children and families become self-sufficient in their regular meals.
Paani- Food Donation Welfare Project
Paani is fully aware that the nation’s lockdown and economic downturns prove to be a threat for the families whose health care, clean water, life-saving food, and medical supplies are at risk. Inadequate food supply leads to problems including serious health concerns and growing problems in children. The increasing unemployment rate is causing a broad spread increase in poverty, limiting the access to food and necessities to many people in the country.
After many successful projects of providing clean drinking water to areas of complex approach, the Paani welfare project is now aiming at reducing the food scarcity problems and hunger in the country. It is effectively working to donate food in Pakistan. Paani distributed 1.2 million meals in June 2020 after the food unavailability issue elevated due to the covid 19 pandemic. We are working with devotion to putting an end to hunger and limited food supplies in the country. Our food distribution programs include efforts to provide food supplies for a month. Your donation can help us and make our job easy. We work in the severely food insecure regions of the countries.
In some regions of the country like Tharparker, 87% of the people live below the poverty line. Famines and droughts also worsen the situation in the areas when their fields are dried up. It gets difficult for people to feed themselves and their children even once a day in such situations. Your $1 can provide a nutritious meal for a person not able to get food.
$35 can provide a family with the essential food requirements for about 3 weeks. So make your part in providing relief for the deserving people in this pandemic crisis. Each penny you donate is used for projects involving uplifting and relieving activities for humanity. Even your small donations can significantly impact, so step forward to help the population waiting for your help.
How Paani works to donate food in Pakistan

Our donation way is simple yet has a significant impact. We work on the moto that even a small contribution can make a significant change. When the small steps of all combine, they contribute worth a big difference in the society.
Our projects are designed on a multi-focus approach aiming at:

  • Providing emergency support
  • Improving situations day by day
  • Transforming communities in the long run.
Mission of Paani
Our mission is to provide poverty relief across the country by offering water management systems, providing clean water for drinking, and providing food and emergency needs. We target to donate food in Pakistan, transform lives and build a way leading to a brighter future. We are expanding day by day, helping and reaching more people who need our help and support for their survival.