Our Projects
Our goal is to serve. Although Paani translates to “water” in Urdu, we are fundamentally a humanitarian organization. Our goal will always be to provide solutions to the most pressing problems that those from disenfranchised communities in low to middle-income countries. We have been blessed to not only work on developing water systems in rural parts of Pakistan, but to expand our efforts into multiple initiatives. We have worked on initiatives that range from disaster relief during COVID-19 & Kashmir’s Earthquake to providing Eid clothing for orphans to donating feminine hygiene kits to women. To date Paani has provided over 600,000 meals during COVID-19, built over 300 wells, annually funded Eid clothing & gifts for hundreds of orphans, distributed over $5,000 in female hygiene kits, and provided over $500,000 in medical supplies to government hospitals.
The Movement
We are the children of immigrants. We stand on the shoulder of those who left their beloved homeland in hopes for better opportunities for their children. Paani started as a means to give back to those from disenfranchised communities, but has shifted into a movement. An idea that realizes the complexity of being raised with two cultures and the responsibility that we hold to leverage the resources around us to give back to the country of our childhood summers. An idea that promotes leveraging our resources to help the disenfranchised across the globe. An idea that has resulted in thousands of individual donations and even more individuals that have promoted our work. The movement is a realization that we can empower each other and other changemakers to join our community and create tangible change.
Change starts with us.
If you are interested in joining the movement, please send a message to [email protected]
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