Project Description


Coronavirus has manifested into a global pandemic. For many of us in the United States, we have begun to experience what life with limited access to resources might feel like. We have seen with our own eyes as grocery stores have been cleared of certain necessities, jobs have been stalled, and bills are beginning to pile. There is no doubt that the coronavirus has brought life-altering hardship to families here in the United States. Pakistan is no exception.

31% of families in rural Pakistan are already living below the national poverty line, with many relying on their daily wages to provide food for their families. Imagine families living day to day that are now forced to choose between watching their families starve or risking illness to provide some income for their families. Imagine looking toward a government that is currently burdened beyond their limitations. Paani wants to make the choice easy.

With our team working around the clock in Sindh and KPK, Paani is fundraising in an effort to distribute food to families in rural parts of Pakistan during this crisis. The Paani team will use these funds to provide at least one month of food for over 200 families. These are children, mothers, and fathers who will eventually starve without food. Paani is also organizing their efforts in conjunction with different district governments, who desperately need help with food distribution. Our team has ensured that we are adhering to the strict regulations as set by the Inter Agency Standing Committee (IASC) in the United Nations on the safest methods of food distribution during the COVID-19 Outbreak.